Musica Music School Policies

Music Term​

The school year commences the Tuesday after Labour Day and concludes in June the following year. A minimum of 36 lessons is guaranteed to those who avail themselves of all scheduled weekly lessons. Registration for Private Students is for the full school year. Holidays and Breaks will follow the Musica Calendar as posted in the school.


MYC classes follow the Music for Young Children curriculum. An adult attends with each child. Private lessons include: Ear Training, Sight Reading, Theory, Studies, Technique and Repertoire. Participation in Musica Recitals, Saturday Night Salons, Examinations, Workshops and Festivals is encouraged.


Regular and punctual attendance at lessons is essential. Students are expected to bring their music books to lessons. If you are unable to attend a lesson, please contact your teacher.


Should a student miss a private lesson due to illness and gives minimum 24 hours notice to the teacher, a makeup lesson may be offered if any opening becomes available. Should rescheduling within the current term not be possible the fee will not be refunded. Students who are injured are advised to still attend lessons. Alternate music study can replace the performing part of a lesson. No Adjustment will be made for lesson time missed due to lateness or absence of the student. Teacher’s schedules do not allow for frequent rescheduling and therefore lessons missed due to school or other activities will only be rescheduled at the discretion of the teacher. Lessons missed due to an illness or emergency of the teacher will be made up. Musica reserves the right to provide a substitute teacher.

Tuition Fees​

Lessons are charged on a per term basis. Lesson fees are always due in advance by cheque or Interac Etransfer. Please add an additional $30 to the first tuition instalment for the Annual Student Registration Fee ($50 for Family). Registration is not guaranteed until these arrangements have been completed. Tuition fees must be paid for the full lesson complement during the school year. There are no refunds for missed lessons. Students who terminate lessons during the school year, will forfeit a fee equal to the fee for four lessons from the date of written notice.


By signing the Student Registration form, students and their parents/legal guardians agree that they have read a copy of the Musica Music School Policies and agree to release, indemnify and hold harmless Musica Music School as well as all its Directors, Teachers, Contractors and any persons or entities authorized on Musica’s behalf, from and against all claims of injury, damage or loss of any kind whatsover sustained in or arising out of the participation of the student in any activities relating to the study of music in on or about the facilities or in Musica sponsored events such as Recitals or Festivals and agree to the Musica policies regarding withdrawal from lessons part way though the year. By signing the form, students and their parents/legal guardians consent to allow photos, video or sound recordings to betaken during the course of their studies at Musica and to be used for promotional purposes or for purchase by Musica families. Musica Music School has a Privacy Policy in effect to safeguard personal information from unauthorized access disclosure or misuse. We do not rent or lend our mailing list to third parties and we maintain strict security systems.