Private Lessons –


Musica Music School

Private lessons provide one-on-one attention at a supportive pace. All styles from classical through to pop and rock are offered. Students can prepare for conservatory examinations and festivals, or perform at our Musica recitals, or just master their favourite tune for the fun of it.

Lessons and Prices

Lessons are customized to each student’s unique interests and abilities and available every day of the week.  Pricing is $38.50 per 30 minutes and sold in 9 week sessions.


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  • David McCartney
  • Caitlin Holland
  • Lucy Barbulat
  • Steve Evans
  • Hannah Greiner
  • Halyna Popenko
  • Tiffany Humble
  • Chris TaeYoung Kim
  • Marlene Tak
  • Natalia Ryjanovskaia
  • Tania Maalouf
  • Samantha Atkinson


  • JoAnn Thompson
  • G. David McCartney
  • Caitlin Holland

Guitar and Ukulele

  • tbc